Fail-Lures Success

Failure was always a crucial step to climb the success ladder-but these days,people are wearing the'failure'badge with a lot of pride.

Here's why...

There's been a failure re-think. We've always known that failure is necessary to climb the success ladder.It has been drilled in us from a young age to motivate and propel us to move forward after a setback.These days,however,the failure badge is worn with a lot of pride.Its not just a crucial degree to climb the success ladder,but comes with bragging rights.Like in the past,there's no association of shame attached to failure-in fact,its how I failed stories that are grabbing eyeballs these days.

Psychology Today reports on the rise of shame-free-failure,and the new failure,and the new phenomenon of bragging about defeat.

After our team's consecutive losses in IPL,we felt humiliated. We had to take some tough decisions and wait it out to see whether they worked.They did.Failure makes you tap into hidden parts of yourself  - Juhi Chawla (Actor/Entrepreneur)

 Failure stories are even better than success stories as these narratives help you understand your own quirks and strengths.

It hones our leadership skills when you talk about experiences where we failed,were rejected,to a childhood experience when you felt awkward or even abandoned,were told in front of the classmates or told you weren't good enough by a parent or teacher.

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